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Thailand's #1 Provider of Premium Gardening Equipment & Supplies

About Us

Established in 2019, Green Grows is committed to providing Thailand's gardeners and professional growers with a complete selection of premium quality gardening and grower equipment and supplies.  

By establishing lasting relationships with the worlds top gardening and grower equipment product manufacturers, we’ve become known for offering our customers the absolute best products in the industry.  

Take a look at the extensive range of products that we have to offer, and get in touch to order or learn more.

Our Customers

- Retail Grow Stores & Garden Centers

- Grow Facility EPC Contractors & Equipment Installers

- Greenhouse Mfg's & Installers

- Universities and Research Organizations

- Commercial Growers (Projects & Bulk Sales)

Horticultural Lighting Systems

Bringing you the worlds best in horticultural lighting and automated lighting controls systems.

Hydroponics Equipment & Supplies

Bringing you the highest quality hydroponics growing systems, plant growth nutrients & supplements, nutrient solution testing & monitoring equipment, drip emitters, nutrient reservoirs, fertigation timers and controls, flood tables, and much more.

Greenhouse & Grow Room Equipment & Supplies

Grow benches and hydroponic flood tables, automated environmental controls & monitoring systems, ventilation fans, carbon filtration, CO2 control and monitoring systems, dehumidifier systems, propagation supplies & equipment, harvest solutions, solventless extraction systems, and much more.  

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